The maths tests in question are generated by my text based math games.

Many questions can be unanswered because these tests are not a normal, linear math tests. These are personalized, randomized, multi-linear math game tests.

Why does personalized mean I get asked fewer questions?

If a player demonstrates a misunderstanding of a particular concept in a diagnostic question, the games will often have specialized sections for exploring that concept in more depth. These sections will usually have additional questions, which are not asked of people who answered the diagnostic question correctly.

This means the games will be faster and shorter for players who are familiar with the subject, and longer for those who are not.

The notes for each question are also personalized. Every time a player answers a question, a note is made in their report. If a player gets a question wrong, the dialogue tree will often loop back and have them answer the question again, generating an additional note each time.

What is a multi-linear math test?

In Stimsims games, math problems are broken down into a series of choices in a story. Depending on the size of the game, the player can navigate around the simulation, measuring different aspects of it, and choosing how to solve the problem. Depending on how the player decides to handle the problem, they will be asked different sets of questions necessary to implement their chosen strategy. As the calculations are live, players can end up with very different answers if they choose incorrect equations or procedures while solving the problem.

For instance, if a player decides to remove fractions in an equation by multiplying by the least common multiple, and they choose the incorrect least common multiple, the game will use their incorrect answer in calculations, yielding incorrect results. The player will get instant feedback that they were wrong, but will be able to see the results of that error, and carry on with the incorrect answer if they wish to. It is up to the player if they think the answer doesn’t look right, and they wish to re-attempt a section of the game to get a better solution. As such, players can take different routes to the same solution.

Does Randomization Change the Game Questions?

Somewhat. The simulation variables are randomized, and these are used as the numbers that calculate many different aspects of the game, including some questions and answers. The question pathways will not be altered, but the specifics of the equations and their solutions will be, making every game different. This means a player can re-play with a fresh problem each time.

The specific question details are usually listed in the notes. Both the question equation, the selected answer, and sometimes the alternative solutions are listed in the report notes.

How Can I Get 100% On The Final Score If I Don’t Answer Everything?

Multiple choice questions aren’t factored in to the final score. These questions are important in solving the problem, and are useful for exercising the players skills, but ultimately, only the players real math answers are used to calculate the final score.