Van Life Challenge

Van Life Challenge

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You are free to use any of the text or images below when discussing the game Van Life Challenge orStimsims's work. If you have any questions, or would like additional information please reach out to me, Victoria, at the contact details below.

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    Independent game developer

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    vcb at stimsims dot com

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Game Features

  • Story driven scenarios with character oriented motivations and goals

  • Multi-linear dialogues about the concepts of maths, that adapt to your choices and knowledge levels

  • Randomized simulations, making a mathematically unique problem every time

  • Multiple endings based on how good your answer is. Answers are not simply right or wrong, they're better or worse.

  • The computer handles lower level calculations, allowing the player to focus on higher level problem solving

  • Personalized performance reports that can be uploaded to Google Drive

  • Compare yourself against anonymous, aggregated reports of all players choices

  • Web browser based text games that can run on almost any device

  • Completely free to play, no micro-transactions, subscriptions or hidden costs

  • Playable offline

Release Date: August 04, 2020

Van Life Challenge Features

Life the #VanLife and blow up your van when trying to make coffee.

Play with a simulated solar system. Change the solar panels, batteries, charge controller and inverter.

Calculate how much power you use just to bake cookies.

Buy your van, negotiate a loan with the bank on normal and hard mode.

This data is collected anonymously. You can read more about the reports here

Game Performance Data

More information about these reports can be found here