The pragmatist discerningly discards the illogical, while the inspired finds joy in it. Who is the wiser?

The Price of Pragmatism with Harry Potter

The Price of Pragmatism with Harry Potter

March 02, 2021

Author: Victoria

The discerning mind, one that carefully sifts through streams of foreign ideas and thoughts, looking for flaccid squatters, appears the more intelligent. The pragmatic Harry Potter scoffer Nandini SinhaRay points out: “rarely does the ‘good’ characters try to improve themselves and fight back instead depending on ‘luck’ and ‘love’ rather than something logical and practical.” Certainly a stance that appears more calculating than inspired Potter fans like Rashmika Dass. Dass finds expressions like Hermionie’s "Me? Books and cleverness. There are more important things Harry, friendship and bravery" meaningful, giving birth to an overflowing source of joy. One that many minds have found in the imagine words of Harry Potter.

When we are all searching for light, who is wiser? The inspired, who accepts, and in doing so cultivates an abundant patch of carrots to enjoy? Is it the discerning, whose logic sterilizes the earth, making that very same source of light we all seek in one form or another, a barren wasteland? Who is the wiser?