Experimenting in data driven, open ended math games.

About Stimsims Pty Ltd

About Stimsims Pty Ltd

Stimsims Pty Ltd is the company under which I present my story driven math problems to the internet. I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

Stimsims games are choice-based games that use stories to explore math problems. Each math game has a randomized simulation, making every game and it's answers unique. Players get immediate feedback on their answers, and a detailed performance report with their scores and notes on their answers. These reports may be uploaded to Google Drive.

The games also collect anonymous analytics, which are then displayed in reports on aggregate player choices. I show and analyse these game reports in my blog. I also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of analytics in games.

If you've any questions, or would like to chat about my experimental games, please feel free to contact me via twitter, or the contact form below. I usually get back to people in a few days (unless I'm manically working).

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